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Enter the ring and let the action begin.
In our MMA styled Master Series we challenge you to step into the brutal world of unarmed combat for screen and hold your own. Inspired by productions such as Creed, Bruised, Southpaw and Warrior.
Image by i yunmai
We will launch straight into technique after a brutal warmup to really hone into the specifics of this fighting style.  

Choreography will then be set and you will learn the first side of the fight; it doesn’t matter if you win or lose - you will learn the other side on day 2!

At the end of the day you will have one side of your fight fully set and we will discuss costume, SFX and what to expect in the days to come.
Image by David Guliciuc
The second day will be all about the camera. We will finalise the fights - learning the opposing side to the day before and will begin to pre-vis - doing full dress rehearsals focussing on camera angles, acting and reactions.

This is the day where we get everything perfect for camera so that when you step into filming on location, all the fights are brutal, realistic and accurate.
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Day 3… Time to step in the ring. You will be sent a call sheet the day prior, giving you the exact location and times you will be needed.

Each pair will be given separate shooting slots so that focus can be given to each participant. 

Everyone will perform both winning and losing sides of the fight creating varied epic scenes for you to take away with you.
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DATES: MARCH 10th, 11th & 13th
COST: £415

Please note these sessions are aimed at the more experienced fighters and are perfect follow ups from our
Screen Combat Intensives.
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