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Our goal is to make Take 3 the first and finest producer of talent for film and television in the UK.



Working in the industry for many years the team have had chance to work on 200+ productions around the world including Batman, James Bond, Electric Dream, Star Wars and Game of Thrones to name but a few.


We have realised it is an ever-changing industry with casting directors, AD’s, producers and directors demanding a higher degree of proficiency every day and think its time to now supply the industry and productions with what it needs: Highly Trained individuals with a skill set that separates them from the crowd.



With our love for Film being the heart of the Action Academy, we only feel its right to share our experiences, knowledge and contacts to those willing to advance their career in film. We are here to supply the training necessary for actors, stunt trainees and those wanting a break from the norm to have a base and foundation in action.




Our vision is to teach every student the skills to become the performer possible and open doors for them within the Television & Film industry.

We want people to have a real-time and truthful experience with us and the only way to do that is with current industry professionals running the courses.

To make it even more worthwhile we have the T3 Agency attached to us, which already supplies the most professional Fighters, Combatants/action extras available to the biggest TV & film productions in the country.


Our vision is not based on the number of performers we supply, but on the quality of those performers.

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