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Weekly outdoor training, affordable prices, open to all abilities


Welcome back to the Take 3 Summer Series,
This is where we will be hosting a series of outdoor classes & intensives across the entire summer!

This year we will be doing things slightly differently. We have a massive array of different classes perfect for any actor, dancer or fighter.

Each series of classes will be based around a different genre & theme, all related to Film & TV productions that inspire, motivate and influence the training we do at Take 3.

So whether you're an actor who wants to get ahead of the game, a fighter that wants to transition into film, a dancer that wants to expand their skill set or simply just want a break from the norm, these classes are for you.

Take a leap and join the action today!

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Image by Alfred Kenneally

As you will see below, each series will have a total of 2 parts to it.

1 x Class focused on weapons 
1 x Outdoor Intensive


Among the Summer Series, we also have our once-off Masterclasses!

You can come to all 3 or just 1, whatever works for you.