"It was a great day of training, understanding the nature of fights and how creating a bigger story before can make a lot of difference to the energy of the actions.


Great feedback throughout and highly recommend this to anyone into learning and developing their fight skills."


Shinji - 5 Stars

"Fantastic courses. Friendly Crew. Great location. Caters for all abilities. Great experience."


Megan - 5 Stars

"I had an absolutely brilliant time and just really want to thank you for being so supportive and understanding throughout the day. The price is great, the location is amazing and the team are fantastic - I think you have something really unique and can't wait for the next round!


The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming and relaxing. Stage Combat courses can often feel intimidating, but Pamela and Tyler and the team made a brilliant effort in treating everyone equally and making sure everyone had the chance to enjoy themselves and reach their full potential."


Alexandra - 5 Stars

"Take 3 and the team are relatively brand new but are dedicated, focused and offer excellent training at a fantastic price - you get a hell of a lot for what you pay. Very useful and inspiring, for both a beginner and those who are more experienced."


Mike - 5 Stars

"I would like to say thank you to all of you. You helped and encouraged us a lot.


Also, what’s really important to me, the course was intense and pushed us to the point where we could show our best.  Thank you"


George - 5 Stars

"I think it's so important to keep training and working on your skills, the T3 courses offer a great opportunity to work with others as well as have your fights choreographed​ and filmed."


Jesse - 5 Stars


"The course content was brilliant for me as a beginner. Had a great time learning from scratch and got some really good footage from the day.


Thank you for a great day. I’ll definitely be looking at continuing the training!"


Nye - 5 Stars

"You guys were so supportive and professional. Trying to cater to everyone's level and helping at every turn.

Boosting confidence and just making us feel welcome and respected. 100% worth every pence"


Noga - 5 Stars

"The course was brilliant, really can't find fault with any aspect and think what you guys are doing at Take 3 is wonderful."


Conor - 5 Stars

"The content and the tips you gave were very useful. The things I like most are the very friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and being able to watch and learn from each other's work."


Didem - 5 Stars

"Just thank you for such awesome class guys absolutely brilliant, first time of doing a class in parkour and I felt safe with Matt guiding us all the way.

A great supportive group as well. Thanks to you all!"


Jayson - 5 Stars

"Was a fantastic course, with welcoming and skilled staff that made for a great day of training. Cannot recommend this enough for anyone getting into film and TV."


John - 5 Stars

"There was a variety of levels of acting experience on the course. The areas that were covered suited everyone it seemed and all appeared to be made to feel comfortable which is really important!

I encourage people to book further courses! Well done, I had a very enjoyable day where I learnt more than I thought I would!"


Angela - 5 Stars

"If anyone is deciding whether to take a Take 3 course, I would say go for it! You will not be disappointed.

It was very good quality instruction from coaches who know their subjects well."


Chris - 5 Stars

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