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Welcome to Take 3's first ever 8 Week Boxing Screen Combat Intensive!! Over 8 sessions you will learn how to box and  exactly how to make it look EPIC on screen. From the do's and don'ts of on-set etiquette to the techniques needed to be a brilliant boxer, we have got you covered.


Week 1

Basic Boxing/ Fighting
Week 2

Partner up / Fighting Basic
Week 3

Practice Choreography Winner
Week 4

Practice Choreography Loser
Week 5

Practice Choreography: Workshop, Personalisation of  Fight

Week 6

Pre-Vis Fight with Camera
Week 7

Set Rehearsal
Week 8

Shoot Day

The 8 Week Screen Combat Intensive will be taking place at the amazing Fightzone London Boxing & Martial Arts gym every Sunday in February and March 2022. This Intensive is based all around Film & TV - think Creed, Raging Bull, Rocky and The Million Dollar Baby.

We want everyone who participates to have a close hand on their footage and so there will be the opportunity to discuss colour scheme and lighting. We will provide guidance on costume ideas and provide hand wraps and boxing gloves for shoot day!!